Accidents happen every day in many activities. Few accidents have occurred in the science classroom. However, in order to decrease the chances of any accidents occurring, I promise to:

  • Prepare for all activities by listening to directions and making sure I understand them before I start. I will work only at my assigned station and with my assigned partners.

  • Care for equipment by handling objects carefully. I will not eat, drink, or taste anything in science class. This includes food and drink as well as other items. I will use my science materials only for the science activities. I will not play with things like rubber bands, paper clips, or powders.

  • Wait until I receive my teacher’s permission to begin an activity. I will do each step in order and will not try unknown things.

  • Be as quiet and calm as possible while conducting activities in the science classroom.

  • Explore carefully by using the senses of touch, smell, sight, and hearing. When using powders, I will try not to make dust because someone might breathe it. I will try not to touch my eyes when I am working, in case there is something on my hands that should not get in my eyes.

  • Keep careful records by recording my observations through writings or drawings in my science notebook.

  • Follow all additional safety rules.

  • Clean up afterwards by putting away my equipment and washing my hands and my work space.

  • Report any injuries or accidents to my teacher immediately.

I have read and have had these science classroom safety rules explained to me and agree to follow them while in science class. I also agree to follow all other written and verbal instructions given in science class to ensure a safe classroom environment.

Student Signature:

I have read this Safety Contract and understand what is expected of my child during science laboratory activities.

Parent Signature:

This Safety Contract must be signed and returned to Mrs. Bushman before you may participate in science class activities.